Hapkido self defence against knife attacks


One of the most impressive – and coolest – hapkido self defence and fighting techniques that my wife has showed me, is self defence against knife attacks. She demonstrated how it works by handing me a plastic fake knife and then instructed me to try to “stab” her with it. All in all I got seven tries – and all seven times she managed to evade or parry my attack, force me to drop the “knife” and then put me on the floor and immobilised me. All within a couple of seconds.

As I’ve described in earlier posts (like here and here), when I fight her it feels almost like she can read my mind, because she anticipates all my moves and then counter them with a hapkido technique (often using my own strength and momentum against me). That was very much the case when she showed me the self defence techniques against knife attacks.

Apart from feeling somewhat frustrated from getting my butt kicked by her, in spite of being “armed with a knife”, I really enjoyed getting a first hand demonstration of these techniques. It was really amazing!


It’s worth saying though that she was careful to point out that in a real life situation she would only try to resist and fight an armed aggressor as a last resort, given the huge risk involved in such a situation (if a technique would fail), even for a highly skilled martial artist with the odds very much in her favour.


13 thoughts on “Hapkido self defence against knife attacks

  1. BFlyer

    Very interesting! But if you were really trying, like in a real life fight, would those “use your own strength and momentum against you” techniques really work?


      1. BFlyer

        Ok I’ve checked it out and it’s interesting, but I would still say I’m sure you would win at least 9 times out of 10 if you would really try (assuming you have a significant size, weight, reach and upper body strength advantage over her, which seems to be the case). It’s not sexism it’s simply a question of biology. You wouldn’t need more than one punch hitting her square in the face and that would be good night for her. Or you could just bull charge her and just flatten her.


      2. mywifeisablackbelt Post author

        Haha well thanks for your confidence in my supreme fighting abilities! 😀
        Seriously though, what you’re saying would make total sense if size and strength were the deciding factors when it comes to fighting abilities. But then there would be no point in learning martial arts would there? Fact is skills and experience is much more important. So even though I do have a big size, weight and upper body strength “advantage” over my wife, that doesn’t help me at all in this case, as she has the techniques to cancel all that out and even turn it into an advantage for her. So honestly I don’t stand a chance, no matter how hard I try. I guarantee you that landing a punch on a highly skilled hapkido master is much harder than you think. And charging her would just result in me getting flung all over the place lol.

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  2. Rakkelle

    I’m just gonna go ahead and say it – This must make for some great sex between you and your wife. I know my husband would be incredibly turned on if we were to reenact what you described above. 😉

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  3. littleblackbelt

    I studied hapkido weapons defense at my former taekwondo school—good stuff but my teacher always told me to assume I’m going to get cut in a real knife attack (since real life is a lot sloppier than in the dojang) just hopefully not fatally! 😉

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  4. Stephen C. Howard

    You also have to factor in the “what if’s.” You can yield to their momentum but if they should stop their movement in the direction that they are taking themselves, you have to adapt to that movement. Don’t loose connection, feel the movement You have to factor in the “feel, sight, movement and adapt to the situation and you either hit, throw, or place them joint lock in the area they take you. Don’t force it.



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