Today, I challenged my wife to a fight…

It had actually been well over a year since last time I did any hapkido with my wife. As some people have pointed out to me, it would be somewhat of a waste on my part not taking advantage (at least occasionally) of having a martial arts teacher as wife and thus access to free hapkido classes. So I guess it was about time to let her be my “personal trainer” again and this morning we went over to the martial arts studio where she gives her classes. We had two hours alone there and she started off by showing me some basic kicking and striking training, using boxing bags and a kind of mockup life size human torso (with a somewhat creepy head) made out of rubbery plastic.

After doing that for a while, I couldn’t resist the temptation of “challenging” her to a “fight”. During the last 14 months or so, I have read quite a lot about hapkido and martial arts (also written about it on this blog), learned about the theory behind them and I am also proud to be able to say I have gained a couple of kgs of muscles, from my own regular work outs. Would my increased theoretical knowledge of martial arts and my additional muscle strength make any difference facing a professional hapkido expert like my wife? While all logic and my brain said no, I admit my ego still kind of hoped it would: that maybe I’d be able to surprise her and just maybe I could find a way to take advantage of being so much taller, heavier and stronger than her.

As you might have guessed, when I faced Leticia this morning it quickly became very clear that logic and my brain was was very much right and my ego very much wrong. I certainly gave it my best effort, but just as before, Leticia had an answer to everything I could come up with. The result was the familiar scene of me getting repeatedly thrown, flipped and swept to the floor and having my limbs tied into knots and joints bent into highly uncomfortable positions – and having no choice but tapping out and declaring my surrender, to get out. I kept trying for about 30 minutes, until I felt my butt had taken enough of whooping for one day (and with my frustration levels hitting the roof haha). By then I had lost count on how many times she had put me on the floor or made me tap.

So after a quick break and drinking from the water bottles, we went back to her showing me how to best kick and punch the mock up torso guy with the weird head. She also showed me how to get out of some common grabs and holds. On the whole the two hours with my wife in the martial arts studio turned out to be a lot of fun and quite the work out. I still feel now, hours later! It was also a reminder of just how skilled she is at her martial art and what a huge difference those skills make.


9 thoughts on “Today, I challenged my wife to a fight…

      1. mywifeisablackbelt Post author

        Just “for the record” though, I better add that I’m sure that no matter how pissed off she would be, she wouldn’t use her hapkido skills to hurt me (unless I would be violent towards her first, which I never would of course).


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