Martial arts vs other means of self defense

A couple of weeks ago I made a list of the five best martial arts for women’s self defense. When it comes to self defense, there are of course other ways to do it that learning a martial art – mostly weapons of different kinds, like guns, stun guns, maces etc. But I would like to point out some advantages of martial arts as means of self defense compared to other methods.

1) You always carry your martial arts skills with you.
Unlike any form of weapons, you always carry your martial arts skills with you wherever you go.

2) Your martial arts skills can’t be used against you. 
Guns and other forms of weapons are often stolen or otherwise used against the person they were meant to help protect. That can of course not happen with martial arts skills.

3) You can defend yourself without causing lasting damage to the attacker.
If for example you shoot someone, the person will very likely get killed or seriously injured, often with permanent damage. A martial art like hapkido on the other hand allows you to defend yourself, incapacitate or immobilise an attacker without causing any lasting damage at all.

4) You can use it instantly if/when you need it.
You’ll never have to look for your martial arts skills in a desk drawer, your purse or anywhere else. It’s there for you to use it in the instant you might need it.

5) It is not illegal.
Carrying and possession of firearms is very much illegal in many countries. As is carrying many other forms of equipment that could be used for self defense. Having martial arts skills is completely legal (to my knowledge) everywhere on this planet.



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