Large breasts and martial arts?

It may sound surprising to some, but this is actually a thing. From time to time over the years, my wife has been asked questions about whether having breasts, particularly larger ones, is a problem in martial arts. It’s mostly men asking and commenting about this, but also some women.

I did a short “interview” with my wife on the subject the other day.

So, once and for all, does having breasts pose a problem in martial arts, especially if they are a bit larger?

My wife:
Well, the short answer is no. You have done some “sparring” with me. Did you get the impression that my boobs posed a problem and made it difficult for me to fight?

(Laughing) I would have to say no.
A summary of how things went when I challenged my wife to see how a clearly bigger and stronger man with no fight training would fare against a smaller woman with advanced martial arts expertise can be found here and here.

My wife:
(Laughing) There you go then!

But seriously though, you don’t see any potential problems here?

My wife:
Well, I have heard people invoke back pain and balance problems as thing that could arise from having a bigger chest and practicing martial arts.

First of all, having a bigger chest can cause problems such as back pain. As a woman with a rather big chest myself, I am well aware of that. That kind of back pain can develop over time because of the extra weight placed on your chest as well as a bad posture. But you know, the best way to counter and prevent any potential back pain problems of that sort is strengthening your muscles and also getting a better posture. And practicing martial arts will help you with both!

When it comes to balance, I really have to say that I don’t feel that a woman’s chest poses any problems at all there. In fact, I would say women often have better balance than men because of our lower point of gravity. And in any case, balance is one of the points of focus that you practice heavily in most, if not all, martial arts.

For a professional fighter that competes, a large chest may also be a factor when it comes to weight divisions. As you know, in combat sports, contestants are sorted in divisions by weight and a large chest could potentially put you in a higher weight division and thus facing bigger, stronger and tougher opponents than you otherwise would.

But when it comes to guys/men asking if my chest somehow “gets in the way” or stops me as a woman from performing the techniques correctly, then the answer is definitely that no, it doesn’t.

I guess we, as men, have a hard time imagining what having boobs is like. But you say you have had women worrying that larger breasts would be an obstacle for them while practicing martial arts, right?

My wife:
Yes that’s true. I can only recommend women who feel this way to try on a good sports bra and then just focus on the exercises. You will soon forget any discomfort that you might initially experience from your breasts. And, as I said, practicing something like martial arts will actually strengthen your body and make it much less likely – not more – that you will suffer from any back pain problems because of your chest.

5 thoughts on “Large breasts and martial arts?

  1. RealityCheck

    Sorry but women are just not good at fighting and martial arts – end of story.
    If she isn’t built like a man, no amount of martial arts training will be enough for a woman to beat an average man if he is really trying (and isn’t old, tiny, unusually weak or something).

    Apart from that, the thing is that a man fighting a woman is in a lose-lose situation because if he goes for it and inevitably beats her up, he will probably be branded as a coward or an abuser, but if he goes easy and let her win, he will probably be mocked for getting beat up by a girl.

    Furthermore martial arts in general is mostly just fake bullshit you see on tv and in movies. There you can see a lot of women beating up men. It’s just a stupid fantasy though, to keep feminists happy. Things don’t work that way in real life where there are real physical differences between men and women that can’t be denied.

    As for big boobs, the reality is that women are already at a huge disadvantage in a fight compared to a man and it’s pretty obvious to anyone who uses their brain that having to deal with all that extra weight and mass bouncing around on their chest will only make it even more impossible for the woman to put up a real fight and much less win against a man.


    1. mywifeisablackbelt Post author

      You are generalising far too much here: there clearly are women who are very good at fighting and martial arts.
      And it’s completely wrong – though quite a common misunderstanding (that I have discussed in other posts here on this blog) – that women have to be “built like men” in order to be good at fighting. Several martial arts offer skills and techniques that are designed as to allow a smaller person to be able to overcome a person of much bigger size and strength.

      You do have a point that it’s usually a “lose-lose situation” for a man to fight a woman though, in large part because of social conventions, stereotypes, ignorance and prejudice.

      Well, there sure is a lot exaggerations and fantasy in movies and on tv. And I am most certainly not denying that there are physical differences between women and men. But you are very wrong if you think that martial arts techniques cannot work in real life, for both women and men. I work out regularly and I am 17 cm (7 inches) taller and about 25 kg (55 pounds) heavier than my wife, but as a black belt hapkido expert, she is simply way too skilled for me to even stand a chance against her.

      With the risk of you accusing me of not using my brain then, I will say that when it comes to this topic (if large breasts is a problem when practicing martial arts), I think that my wife – as a woman who has proved that she can kick my butt quite easily using her martial arts skills – has a lot more credibility than you.

      Let me ask you, do you have any experience at all from martial arts?


      1. RealityCheck

        I still say martial arts is like 90% fake so even if a normal sized woman would be good at it, it’s not going to make a difference in a real fight. Size and strength matters and the average man is just way bigger and stronger than the average woman. I’m sure you would have won against your wife if you had really tried. You held back because you didn’t want to hurt her.

        And no I haven’t done any martial arts, but I did fight a guy who was into karate once and I won. So there’s that. Seriously, I’m sure I could handle an average sized woman, even if she’s a black belt in whatever martial art.


      2. mywifeisablackbelt Post author

        Ok, well you can tell yourself that if that is what your ego demands, but if you have no experience in any kind of hand to hand combat and if you aren’t really huge and muscular guy, an average size woman who is a martial arts expert (in other words with a huge amount of hand to hand combat training) will have absolutely no problem kicking your butt 10 times out of 10.

        Of course neither me or my wife tried to hurt the other (in that scenario it’s very unlikely that anyone but me would have been hurt). But I can guarantee you I did not “hold back”. In this blog post there are links to other posts where I describe how that all went. I tried to use my strength, but guess what, there are techniques to counter that and even to use a bigger and stronger opponent’s own size, strength and momentum against him. That is not fake – it’s just physics and skills earned from years of training – and I know that from my own first hand experience.


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