About hapkido

The martial art that my wife practices and teaches is called hapkido. It’s a Korean martial art that basically teaches:

  • how to block and avoid strikes and punches by an attacker.
  • how to use an attackers own momentum, strength and weight to unbalance, throw or take him down.
  • how and where to kick and strike in order to get the most effect.
  • how to use holds and locks by twisting the attacker’s joints to immobilise and subdue him.
  • how to use leverage and pressure points (basically sensitive spots) to break free from any grab or hold and attacker tries to apply on you.

Hapkido is thus much more about techniques, speed, balance, body  coordination and flexibility than size weight and raw strength. This makes an excellent choice for women, as it allows even a small woman to wipe the floor with a much bigger and stronger man, if she is skilled enough.

You can read more about hapkido here.


4 thoughts on “About hapkido

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    1. mywifeisablackbelt Post author

      Absolutely! Both women and men can accomplish great things when we put our minds to it. It’s such a common view though that women are not very capable when it comes to self defence and martial arts, when in reality women can be at least as good as men at it! 🙂

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