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The sexual side of “reversed” gender roles


For quite a while I have somewhat hesitated to write about this, because sex is such a private thing to talk about. And well, I definitely won’t go into any details. So no need to worry – or hope – about that. In any case, since I started this blog, several people have mentioned the subject both in comments and in private messages. Does the fact that my wife is a martial arts expert influence our love life?

Well, neither of us are into BDSM and I don’t have any particular “fetish”, so in that way it does not affect us. And as I mentioned in the previous post, I do not feel emasculated at all because she is a black belt. But as I have discussed in several other blog posts (like for example here), my wife’s martial arts expertise in certain ways does “reverse” the gender roles in the relationship, due to the fact that she is far better than me at self defence and physical fighting. And even though I can’t quite put my finger on why, this is actually kind of sexy. I guess it’s both because it challenges me as a man in an unusual way (perhaps in part because of the sense of not being in control) and it is also very impressive and cool, so it’s something I really admire about her. The martial arts training obviously also makes her very healthy and fit, which of course is also positive. So, to sum it up, I definitely find my wife’s black belt martial arts skills is a positive thing, also when it comes to love and sex.


The problem with condoms…

Condoms are a very good thing to have, even if you are in a serious relationship, as a way to avoid pregnancies. Personally – and I know many guys don’t agree with me on this one – I can’t say they take anything away from the sex either. Possibly it might take a bit longer to get “there” using a condom – but that’s basically just a good thing, isn’t it!?

My only problem with condoms – is buying them! Even now at 28, I still feel more ore less embarrassed buying them! Of course, the easy solution to that is just ordering them online. But occasionally there is a need to buy them at a physical drugstore… and it seems I never get  quite used to or comfortable doing that. I’d say the “worst” ones to buy are the flavoured ones!

This is not exactly a big problem in my life. Just a somewhat random observation… 🙂